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EconEdLink Teacher's Favorite
This site, hosted by the NCEE, is the nation's premiere source for online economics lessons. You can search for lessons by grade level, by economic concept, or by national content standard. Choose from Economics Minute, Case Study lessons, and more! Lesson plans include online lessons as well as print.

ECONnections contains standards-based lesson plans adapted from NCEE printed materials for the Internet with interactive activities for students. Don't forget to check out the WEBQUEST activities that provide opportunities for independent research to be done in class or as homework assignments.

This site, hosted by the University of Nebraska, Omaha, contains a huge number of lesson plans. You can search for lesson plans by economic concept and/or grade level.

Foundation for Teaching Economics Teacher's Favorite
FTE curriculum materials meet teachers' requests for up-to-date, flexible, interactive lessons firmly grounded in cutting edge scholarship and correlated to national and state content standards. Teacher-generated and teacher-tested, content rich lessons include step-by-step instructions, teacher background materials, and lessons demonstrated on video.

The Library of Economics and Liberty
Hosted by the Liberty Fund, this is an important resource for anyone interested in economics. The site features full text primary sources documents by noted economists such as Bastiat, Hayek, Malthus, Ricardo, Smith, and more. There's even a "Quote of the Day" for all you econ junkies.

Globalization 101
Globalization101.org is an Internet resource offered by the Levin Institute to promote a greater understanding of globalization.

Hands on Banking
Hands on Banking is Wells Fargo's FREE online personal finance curriculum. The site includes a teachers guide and student activities and is available in both English and Spanish. The curriculum is broken down into 4-5 grade, 6-8 grade, high school, and adult education.

Rich Kid, Smart Kid
This site especially for kids is part of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad award-winning product series of books, educational games, and courses developed by local residents Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. You can find teacher tips, online games, and audio downloads. Activities for kids include "Pay Yourself First", "Jesse's Ice Cream Stand", and "Reno's Debt Dilemma".

Understanding Taxes
The IRS has published a great website full of lesson plans and student activities correlated to national and state standards. This curriculum can be used in a traditional class or students can complete work online and take part in interactive activities and simulations.

For Students

Biz/ed is a service for students and educators on business and economics related subjects. Their site contains articles on current topics, learning/teaching materials, data sets, company information, a Virtual Factory and Virtual Economy, and even sample test questions!

KidsBank is geared towards elementary students to teach them more about saving, interest, checking accounts, along with many other services provided by banks.

The Mint Teacher's Favorite
This site, developed by the NCEE and Northwestern Mutual, is a fun site for kids on all things related to personal finance. Activities are divided into six themed sections-Earning, Saving, Spending, Tracking, Investing, and Owing. The site includes ideas for kids and teachers, as well as tips for parents. KidsBank is geared towards elementary students to teach them more about saving, interest, checking accounts, along with many other services provided by banks.

The U.S. Mint: "History In Your Pocket"
This site features the Mint's H.I.P. program for kids, emphasizing that "coins are history in your pocket". Here you can obtain free lessons on the state quarter series, as well as games, cartoons, and an interactive time machine, which enables students to "travel through history to solve coin mysteries". This site is a perfect supplement to elementary and middle school level American History classes!

The Stock Market Game

Nevada Stock Market Game
This site, the home of the Stock Market Game and the InvestWrite competion contains information on how to register your students for these exciting and educational investment simulations as well as a host of links to valuable market research sites.

Big Charts

Market Mechanics


Wall Street

Yahoo Finance

Economic Data

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Teacher's Favorite

CIA World Factbook

U.S. National Debt Clock Teacher's Favorite

U.S. Department of Labor Statistics Teacher's Favorite

Federal Reserve Bank Education

Financial Planning

Smart Money
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) developed this personal financial responsibility curriculum for adults, and it can be ordered FREE online either in print or on CD-ROM. The curriculum is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Created by America Public Media, this website allows you to read the latest financial headlines or hear the show Marketplace that you may have missed on NPR.

Organizations and Foundations

National Council on Economic Education Teacher's Favorite
The NCEE, the NVCEE's parent organization, is the premiere source for economic
education in the nation. You can browse through the virtual store, get information
on the Annual Conference, preview curriculum, and more.

National Council for the Social Studies